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Commission Info

5USD for Sketch

15USD for PNG

25USD for BG

Paypal Only

Send me offers at rhyiae@gmail.

Details then could be discussed.

sometimes i get good art days but most of the time i dont. tonight is a good day
just wanted to draw a catboy 
For nagisa-chan-san, Iza popped something up in her tags about FW Hanji so I ask’d her about it, and got interested.
Well, Iza gave me some refs about FW Hanji but I spun my take on it. I imagined Hanji joined the military to try and make a difference in the world. Realizing it didn’t work for her, she finished her contract and became a contractor for the government after finishing her PhD in something really smart, (probably engineering, thermodynamics, and biology, and possibly chemistry too.)
When all shit went down and the government ceased funding for Jaeger program, she joined the resistance to further her studies for the kaijuu/titan/whatever to find a solution and the betterment of humanity.
(Iza also said something about button-ups but I didn’t follow it oops. Hange seems like an active scientist who could probably throw someone across the room, don’t be fooled by her scientist get-up, she’s dangerous and prob joined some secret sector for the military. She could rip your head off both literally and verbally. Yesssss.
Probably should have read FW before spinning off in my own little world.)
It’s a bit messy, I apologize.
Aomine for my friend on twitter~
Is my painting style getting better?
tattoos are hard to draw and i bummed myself out and bs’d the sleeves.
merp, i tried and i failed oh yeah
kami for starfleetrambo

purrgaytoryyy asked you:

I’ll give you a request~ Anyone from any of the Assassin’s Creed games, you can chose who, in lingerie.

Um some Assassin’s Creed character whom I do not know the name of. I hope you like?

(lol man who knew drawing pretty panties could be a pain in the ass to draw. esp lacy pretty panties.) 
Anon requested anon butts. Hope you like~ Got some pop characters in there ahahaha
//dies a terrible horrible death
oh how i hate colouring.